Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Seeing if i can podcast

Ok so how is it that you all see the enclosure?Thing is the media encolsure does not show in the post unless you overtly hyperlink to it inside the post like this.  But it does show in the feeds as an enclosure, hence me thinks it will show there as a podcast feed.
Seems like to get the enclosure you need to answer this question in the settings of your blog

Can i make a podcast or not?

There is a pod cast here .... hmmm well direct upload of a AVI didn't work ... see if i can try a hyperlink ... well of course that will work. Well how about a wma?
well it should work ... here is a link to it.

Looking forward to Honeydew

I'm looking forward to my one meal today of honeydew melon. If it's not enough, because i need to split one melon with Denise, then i have a cantaloupe and a watermelon in reserve.

A reliable breakfast and just one mid day meal a day, and no piecing allowed, is a formula that is working for both me and Denise. The thing that makes it work is the "looking forward" to the meal part. It seem that you use up a lot of nervous energy on planning, designing, preparing, cooking, and looking forward to the meal instead of spending that same energy on eating out of context. If this has worked for anybody else, please let me know.

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